New Mexicans for a Fair Wage

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Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives, Ben Lujan, kicking off the campaign to raise New Mexico's minimum wage to $7.50.

On January 17, 2019, the New Mexico Legislature will convene to consider--among other things--raising the minimum wage.  New Mexico has never raised its minimum above the federal level, but after Santa Fe passed the highest minimum wage in the country of $9.50 and 40,000 voters in Albuquerque voted for a $7.50 minimum wage ordinance that lost by 1,400 votes, New Mexicans for a Fair Wage formed to organize for a statewide increase.  Legislators, business owners, activists, and voters are calling on New Mexico to join the ranks of the seventeen states that have passed their own minimum wage increases. Several businesses outside the state like and the roofing and drains specialist (website) from Canada has joined on this wage increase as well.

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